How to clean the wax of a candle from a glass jar

How to clean the wax of a candle from a glass jar

Who has not ever bought a candle because of how beautiful his vessel was at first sight? In its useful life, it is a perfect element to include in the decoration with an extra point: the aroma. When that duration comes to an end, a lonely jar that once shone with its own light, also extinguishes its beauty.

And no, throwing them is not the solution. Recycle them in an original way, clean all traces of wax quickly and easily.

No blades. With them you will only scratch the glass. Put on some latex gloves and under a stream of hot water and armed with a double textured scourer and a little patience, begin to soften the remaining wax of what was once a beautiful candle.

Let the heat of the water soften it and begin to remove the remains with the rough part. You can help with your fingers. When practically all the wax is peeled, clean with the soft part, even under hot water.

Dry with absorbent paper and in the blink of an eye, your candle container will be ready to store small materials, coins, recycle using it as a chic pot or even as a container for a new homemade candle.

If it wasn't clear to you, check out this video.