The reform of an old apartment

The reform of an old apartment

The undeniable charm of old houses - with their rosettes, moldings and, of course, their high ceilings and generous windows - often more than compensate for the inevitable works for the rehabilitation of their facilities. It is the case of this beautiful house located in Barcelona, open to a bright apple courtyard and worthy of mention for the balanced coexistence between its original structure and contemporary furniture; work of May Montes, by Esmo Interiorismo.

Perhaps the most thorough restoration of all was that of the hydraulic floor, so unique that it became the decorative axis of the spaces, marking with its design the choice of colors and other coatings. Also the old distribution of the house, with numerous double leaf doors, influenced the current organization of the space, specifically, in the living room; here the importance of free movement was the reason to attach the environments to opposite walls, to leave the central area clear. The fluid transit to the gallery - occupied by a work area - helped to integrate this space, slightly raised and clad in wood, which facilitates the entry of light into abundance. It is undoubtedly another of the great charms of this house.

In short, elegant retro air environments prevail in contrast to the markedly designed kitchen. For her, a floor with a finish that mimics the iron plates was chosen, combined with furniture finished in wenge and walls covered with yellow paint. The most private area of ​​the house, the bedroom, distills character with softened baroque reminiscences thanks to the large window and the predominant presence of white. The bathroom, integrated into the room, contrasts precisely because of its striking simplicity coated with a mixture of steel, microcement and ceramics that give it an industrial look.

Advertising - Read on below A gallery room

The beautiful gallery with wooden enclosure - which houses a bright and comfortable work area - is the main source of light in the living room; To facilitate the passage of clarity, both spaces remain connected and the windows are not dressed. Sofa, by Vicarve. Cushions, from Cado, Coriumcasa and Filocolore. Coffee tables, by Coco-Mat. Red chair, from Ikea. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Tone coatings in the living room

The spectacular hydraulic floor, original of the house, gains prominence in contrast to the discreet carpets in neutral tones. In keeping with the colors that compose it, one of the walls of the room was painted in English red. Shelves made to measure by Esmo Interiorismo in stained oak veneer. Pictures, for sale in Cado. Floor cushion, by Filocolore.

Successful eclecticism in the dining room

A balanced fusion of styles is the hallmark of this house, a feature that stands out especially in the common areas. The dining room, for example, exhibits classicism and design in total harmony. Dining table and upholstered chairs, from Andreu World. Picture, from Cado. Chandelier supplied by Esmo Interiorismo.

The importance of the soil

The magnificent structure of this floor is the perfect setting for suggestive decoration. Both the hydraulic floor and the double-leaf doors and the elaborate roof moldings became decorative elements of the first order. Andreu World dining table and chairs. Wooden coffee tables, from Coco-Mat. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Take advantage of the kitchen

The high height of the ceilings was maximized in the kitchen, with custom modules from floor to ceiling; The storage capacity doubled, which allowed us to opt for a large central island that comfortably houses a cooking area and breakfast bar. Furniture designed by Esmo Interiorismo. Bell, from Pando. Frecandero sink and faucet.

Breakfast bar

Striped stools, from Ikea.

A very well thought bedroom

The glazed gallery also communicates with the master bedroom and in this area is used as a dressing room; the large windows without curtains allow the free flow of natural light. White quilt, quadrants and cushions, from Filocolore. Wool blanket, from Zara Home. Round pouf, from Francisco Cumellas.

Deep red bedroom

The neo-baroque touch of the master bedroom gives an excellent result by concentrating on a single front. In this environment, with almost total predominance of white, the profusion of prints on the floor and the paper that covers part of the wall gives character to the space without reloading it.
Another great success in wallpaper lining and the choice of furniture, especially the headboard, was to conceive it as a whole in horizontal version. The great height of the ceilings allowed to have a large portion of clear wall, perfect for painting in a smooth dark red.

A unique bathroom

The integration of various materials in such a small space was achieved by betting on a single color: gray. Under this wide range of shades, it perfectly coordinates the floor and the filita wall, with the microcement wall and the door covered with steel plates. Basin and faucet, Ceramic Flaminia. The furniture, stained oak veneer, is made to measure.