Appliques, accessories, accessories ... Your bathroom asks for nutrients!

Appliques, accessories, accessories ... Your bathroom asks for nutrients!


Change the design of a bathroom It is a great idea to reinvent the space and gain functionality, but it will not be complete until you choose the appropriate fixtures, accessories and accessories. Because it is not the same to shave the eyebrows in gloom than to do it with light, or hang the towels on a tiny coat rack than to do it in a more spacious and stylish one ... So if you are thinking of making modifications in your dear bathroom, take note of our list from shopping!

Advertising - Keep reading below Storage baskets

Beautiful outside and very useful inside! Use them to store towels or dirty clothes that you then have to take to the washing machine. They will look great! From Deco & Living


A sustainable tap

Times change, and the concern for the environment is transformed into sustainable faucets such as this one that integrates functions that will help you save up to 30% energy and 50% consumption. In addition, it is very stylish!

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Pure joy

In addition to rejoicing in the mornings, with this colorful carpet you will stop fearing about slipping out of the shower.

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Between two lands

This basket from side to side of the bathtub will come with pearls to place the soaps, the book, the glass of wine, the olives ... Ok, maybe we are going, but whatever it is, it will be most useful when the time to dive into bubbles.

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On wheels

A cart with open shelves will allow you to have on hand the hair dryer, the hair straightener, the makeup ... And when you need it, you can move it as you wish!

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A chic shelf on the sink

With two copper brackets, ideal for bathrooms with little space!

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Dusty rose

A sweet and feminine bathroom would look great with this set in dusty pink with golden details.

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If the pink powder does not convince you, this set with floral motifs in coral tones surely conquers you.

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A cotton box

This glass box with a lid will come in luxury to store the cotton and make up your makeup.

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Vintage charm

An aged brass ring towel rail will give you an air rustic-chic Irresistible to your bathroom.

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Apply with light

Having a mirror in the bathroom is essential, but if you have integrated light on top, better than better! From now on, there will be no hair that resists tweezers ...

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A very chic hanger

With space for two towels or bathrobes, and a very small dot chic Thanks to the golden color!

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