A very flirtatious bank

A very flirtatious bank

How to customize a bank:
Make a paper template for the surface you are going to paint. We have chosen a decorative lace. Draw it with the pencil and cut it out. Place the template on the surface of the bank. To prevent it from moving, stick it with glue or wood glue. Start painting very carefully, so that the paint does not slip under the paper. It is important that you apply the brush strokes from the paper to the wood. When completely dry, give a layer of varnish to the water over the entire surface. In this way, in addition to giving it a glossy finish, you will protect it and prevent it from rising.

Materials you need:
- Model bank Ryssby 2014, from Ikea (€ 75).
- Sheet of paper to make the drawing template.
- White paint Chalk Paint, from Annie Sloan.
- Water varnish.
- Pencil and scissors.
- Brush
- Glue or glue.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A baco decorated for the bathroom

Place the boxes on the bench to keep the surface of the sink clear and enrich the set with a crass plant. Basket Salnan (€ 3.99 / 2). Boxes with lid Kvissle (€ 13.99 / 4). Hand Towel Frajen and ground Summeln Bag of smell Betanka (€ 1.99). Sneakers Ryssby Everything from Ikea.

Extra storage

This bank has a handy drawer for storing towels. Customize it by lining its interior with wall wallpaper. When gluing it, it insists on the upper edges, so that it does not lift when handling the towels.

Container boxes

Choose a model with an opening in the lid that allows you to introduce tissues, paste and toothbrushes.

Aromatic sachets

Take advantage of cloth scraps and make some bags to put fragrant soaps or aromatic barks that, placed in a basket, will perfume the bathroom.