A house on the coast

A house on the coast

The marine spirit, typical of the Mediterranean coast, is mixed with elements of marked design in this original home decorated by interior designer Adela Cabrer. Not in vain its location, in L'Ametlla de Mar, province of Tarragona, deeply marked the decorative patterns. On the one hand you can clearly see the construction elements typical of the area, such as vaulted ceilings or work benches. At the same time, the distribution of space and the choice of latest trends are striking. The living room, dining room and kitchen are, without a doubt, the best example of all this; It is a unique open space in which work furniture stands out, present in the structure of the sofas, as well as on the kitchen countertop. Wood and gray are the common denominator of the whole environment.

In the three bedrooms - one of marriage and two other doubles - the work elements are fundamental, since they have very few exempt furniture.

Two of them, with an original symmetric distribution and communicated through the bathroom, consist of a rest area with work headboard and a work corner under the window. The separation was made by two sliding doors; In this way, each bedroom has its own access. The treatment of the ancient elements deserves special mention; The vaulted ceilings, for example, are perfectly restored and integrated into the decoration. The same goes for wooden windows, dressed in simple white blinds.

Advertising - Keep reading below One of the greatest charms of this house lies in the original mix of styles.

The lamps are partly responsible for this set of contrasts. The hall, for example, is chaired by the Random Light model - for sale at Biosca & Botey - a tangle of fiberglass threads in the form of a sphere.

Living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space. In the design of the kitchen, although current, constructive elements of the area were used.

Draws attention to the worktop that extends until the refrigerator is also framed.

The dining room, large,

It was furnished with solid wood pieces in natural finish. A warm touch, ideal for the living area. The accessories are from Casa Viva and El Mercader de Venecia.

The charcoal gray fabrics dress the seating area.

The decoration of this space stands out for its sobriety; the absence of ornaments and the purity of lines were the guidelines to follow.

In the guest bedroom there was no headboard.

Instead, the work wall was used as a place of support for the lamps and the painting.

A work wall borders the entire bedroom.

In the area that corresponds to the headboard, it acts as a bedside table; even a pair of custom drawers were made. In addition, it extended to the toilet area and was used to recess the sink.

The work area is very simple.

It consists of an old wooden table with natural finish and a folding director chair. Accessories, from The Merchant of Venice.

The bathroom furniture was also painted in tune with the wall.

The objective was the total integration of the elements to create wider spaces in sight. Towels, from The Merchant of Venice.

Both the floor and the walls of the bathroom

they were painted in the same tan color of the bedrooms; a very useful resource to leave a patent that is part of them. The shower area is the only one that was tiled with pieces of black slate.

The vaulted ceiling was painted in a lighter shade than the wall to highlight its presence.

Once restored and painted it became one of the main decorative elements of the bedroom. The bed was dressed with a colorful orange bedspread that brings dynamism and color to the space.