An Advent wreath made by you

An Advent wreath made by you

Let's do it! In an hour you'll have this ready Advent wreath to decorate the door of your house, a wall or use it as a centerpiece with a candle inside or a flower arrangement.

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This will be your Christmas wreath.


You will need to:

- Hot silicone gun

- Malleable black wire

- Wooden stars

- Wide satin ribbon

Step 1.- Choose the size of the crown

To choose the size of the crown make a circle with the stars on the work surface. Keep in mind how many stars you have to create two levels of stars or, as in this case, even three. With the circle on the table, measure.

Step 2.- Cut the wire

With the measurement, cut the wire. Give it a couple of turns to make it more consistent. Roll it on itself.

Step 3.- Paste the stars

With the hot silicone gun apply a drop in the center of the wooden star.

Step 4.- Paste the star

Start assembling the crown as you see. Press a few seconds until the star is set.

Step 5.- With patience, press

Press to ensure it does not move.

Step 6.- Repeat the action

Repeat the action with each star of the first layer, all that are attached to the wire. Leave a few millimeters apart between each star, which will then be covered with another star interspersed in the second layer.

Step 7.- Second layer of stars

When the first layer of stars is complete, start with the second layer of stars, which will cover the gaps between stars. Apply the hot silicone at two points at the ends, for example, taking into account the support points.

Step 8.- This is the second layer of stars already stuck Step 9.- A third level

If you want and have enough wooden stars you can apply a third level of stars.

Step 10.- Tie the tie to the crown

When the crown is finished and dry, it is time to fix the loop with which you can hang it or simply decorate it with a bow.

Step 11.- Knot the wire

The satin ribbon is fixed with a knot to the wire.

Step 12.- Make a knot to fix the tape

Make a knot to fix the tape so that it does not move. How you will take advantage of a space between the stars will not move.

Step 13. The loop

Make a loop to decorate your crown.

Step 14. Top off with silk thread

Once you have the loop, you can also pass a silk thread that is the one you use to hang your crown from a door. It is invisible!