What does your house smell like?

What does your house smell like?

Smell is one of the senses that we have more developed, and that is through smells we are able to travel to the past, relax, or even alter... For that reason and in the same way that you use a different perfume according to the occasion, it is time to look for the perfect aroma for your house! Candles, incenses, air fresheners, sticks... there are a lot of options! And besides, many of them are so beautiful they seem part of the decoration ...

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Incense is one of the most classic options, perfect for creating a very spiritual environment. Above all, if you choose incense Nag Champa from India, and as soon as you smell it, you will be transported to Southeast Asia!

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If you like fruity and sweet aromas, this stick air freshener will fill your home with a wonderful combination of jasmine, apricot, carambola and vanilla.

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A decorative candle

On the outside, a minimalist and beautiful deco object. Inside, a scented candle with eucalyptus and fig aroma ideal for maintaining the freshness of your home.

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Smart diffuser

In addition to being great as part of the decoration, this humidifier with seven LED colors also acts as an essential oil diffuser.

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Of gold

Its striking and glamorous design corresponds to its anti-stress power, and this essential oil candle has been created specifically to combat anxiety.

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This terracotta diffuser will be very cute on your bedside table, and thanks to its sweet and exotic smell of amber, you will sleep like a baby dreaming of hundreds of Indiana Jones adventures.

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One of the most successful lines of Rituals is Ayurveda, which is what traditional medicine in India is called. And if you are looking for relaxation, its aroma based on Indian rose and almond oil will take away your stress as if by magic.

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Fresh grass

How to wake up in the middle of the field. That is just what you will feel with these freshly cut grass scented incense sticks.

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The aroma of lavender is one of the most used to improve rest, and this spray format is very comfortable and easy to use!

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If you are not comfortable with any air freshener, do it yourself! It's as simple as mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with water in a bowl, adding a few drops of the essence you choose, shaking the canister, and that's it!