Ideas and news to renovate the bathroom

Ideas and news to renovate the bathroom

Use the wood to cover the bathroom walls It was, until recently, a recklessness, because of the great porosity of the material. But with the use of tropical varieties, more resistant, and with anti-humidity treatments, this possibility has changed.

You can choose from a variety of options, although the most common are usually horizontal panels, as in the photo next to these lines. There are varieties in different thicknesses, vertical options, baseboards, quarters ... The wood can be painted to adapt the bathroom to the chronological trend of the moment.

In natural, it transmits warmth, adds a texture that contrasts with the toilets and introduces color to the monochromatic baths. It gives the bathroom that rustic air, inspired by country houses, so current in interior design.

Get a perfect balance with current environments and vintage. In the bathrooms integrated in the bedrooms is a resource to unify the spaces and create visual continuity.

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Other options with wood effect: ceramics that reproduce their drawing and tonal variety, PVC adhesive coatings, and wallpaper; you will like those of the spectacular collection Scrapwood, from Nlxl, for its realism.


The wooden countertops provide a plus of warmth in bathrooms of different style: Nordic, country, urban ... and are ideal to highlight the volume and design of the sink. Modular collection Project Wood, from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, in natural oak finish. On the wall, porcelain Carrara Polished White, from Porcelanosa.


The new Darling New bathtub, by Duravit, is characterized by its 11.5 cm wide edge, which offers a comfortable surface for sitting or depositing bathroom utensils.

Optional: LED lighting, soft, under the edge, which creates a more pleasant atmosphere.


The variety of forms in exempt bathtubs is due to the creativity of the designers but also to the wide range of new materials to make them. In this case, for the bathtub Cybelefrom Ceramica Cielo, the resistant LivingTec® was used, compact, non-porous and pleasant to the touch.


An evocative design that blends past and present. The pedestal washbasin, the toilet and the bidet interpret the elegance of other times in a contemporary key, with the purity of its lines and its stately look of the early twentieth century, marked by its octagonal base. Serie Civitas, from the Italian firm The.ArtCeram, available in several colors (from € 400).


In the delicate matter of order in the bathroom, the maximum divide and conquer will work 100%!

Grouping products and organizing them in compartments is the key to avoiding chaos. It also helps to do periodic cleaning to get rid of everything you don't use and occupy a valuable space. Series furniture Vero, from the firm Duravit.


The bathtub Beyond, from Roca, is made of Surfex®, a moldable material that allows its oval shape, with sinuous curves. In addition, the special composition of this material gives it non-slip power and thermal resistance. It has integrated shelf for taps.


Decorative and aromatic, this vegetable wax candle contains the characteristic Nac perfume; A warm aroma, wood, leather and citrus, subtle and elegant. In dark and semi translucent topaz glass, with 70 and 190 gr (€ 9 and € 39).