A bright house decorated with Nordic style

A bright house decorated with Nordic style

The arrival of a second child, the need for more space and the possibility of acquiring the house next door was the accumulation of circumstances that made possible the reform of this house, located on the outskirts of Madrid, With spectacular results. The owners, already delighted with their Bright floor, they saw how the original plant doubled its dimensions, going from 70 m to 140 m. And best of all, no removals. The fact that the floors were symmetrical (united by the hall) It was an advantage when throwing partitions and expanding spaces easily. The original house, consisting of living room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms, underwent substantial changes in its distribution since the owners decided to reserve that part of the house for the children's use and enjoyment. The work was used to paint blank walls and ceilings and renew the floor with a laminated Ikea platform, also white, to enhance the luminosity. The lobby and the children's bathroom, completely renovated, were covered with hydraulic tile. The kitchen became a laundry area, and the rooms gave way to two children's bedrooms, one for each child, and a games room for the little ones.

In the annexed house the reform was total. Here, several partitions were thrown, starting at the center, to expand the entrance to the house and the living room. This, doubling, now has a large dining room, a reading corner and another terrace. In addition, a second partition was removed in order to join two rooms and enlarge the master bedroom, which wins a dressing room and integrates the renovated bathroom. Finally, a third partition was thrown to create an independent study that is accessed from the living room through sliding doors. The kitchen also gained space, since the clothesline was removed to have an office. As for the decoration, the comforting Nordic style prevails, where the serenity of the neutral tones revives thanks to the colorful pieces, textiles and ornaments typical of the Christmas holidays.

Perfect insulation: In addition to winning in space, the house doubled its natural light.All the windows were replaced by white aluminum models with double thermal break, to insulate the house from cold and heat. The living room now has two balconies overlooking a garden. One of them closed with windows, and was transformed into a small greenhouse. In the other, some swing doors were installed that, when opened completely, allow outside nature to enter the house. All doors were exchanged for white ones, either folding or sliding; such as the bathroom, integrated into the master bedroom, or the study that overlooks the living room.

Advertising - Keep reading below Extended lounge

Located next to the two balconies, the living room doubled
its original space when annexing the neighboring floor. In addition, it was divided into several environments. It consists of two L-shaped sofas (one of them is a recycled crib) and a low table. In the background, a new room with sliding door was created that serves as a study.
Three seater sofa Stocksund (€ 499) and coffee table Trulstorp (€ 99). Koldby cowhide rug and PS Pendel watch; everything, for sale in Ikea.

Recycled furniture

As cribs have little shelf life, it is best to recycle them; Like this, what happened to the living room turned into a sofa You just have to disassemble the bars, upholster the mattress and cover it with cushions to make it perfect. Cradle Gulliver, from Ikea (€ 89.99).

Corners taken advantage of

A yellow module presides over the colorful lobby covered with very attractive hydraulic floor. In the hall: reversible jute carpet Vinter 2016 (€ 29.99) and lamp shade Nymö (€ 49.99). In the living room: rattan armchair painted in green Holmsel (€ 49.99). Everything from Ikea.

White console

Behind the sofa was a white console, as a desk, and an armchair.

Connected spaces

In a corner of the living room was a cozy reading corner where rustic style prevails. A simple open space in the wall, which communicates with the kitchen, becomes a practical passport and allows natural light to circulate between rooms. Rocking chair Grönadal (€ 199), ceiling lamp PS Maskros (€ 89) and Ternslev reversible jute carpet (€ 149). Everything from Ikea.

Generous dining room

The extension of the room meant winning a large dining room, which was located in front of the living area. It consists of a table for eight people and chairs of different styles, although white and beige prevail. On the wall, a white showcase was placed to have table linen and dishes on hand.
Cotton and linen tablecloth Vintel 2016 and crockery Arv. Everything is sold in Ikea.

The details

Bet on an elegant table where simplicity prevails: a string like a napkin ring, stalls made of natural wood, fine glass and decorative candlesticks, such as candle holders Ändlös, from Ikea (€ 4.99).

Kitchen, red hot

Furnished in white and beige, the kitchen breathes Christmas atmosphere thanks to textile accessories and household items. As the old clothesline was annexed after the reform, it now has a practical office. Kitchen towels, bowls, trays and candle holders, from the collection Vinter 2016. Dinera gray bowls (€ 1.99 each) and articulated work lamp Tertial (€ 9.99); Everything from Ikea.

An office gives life to the kitchen

For fast meals or as a work surface, this space is an indisputable plus. Surround it with high stools like these, model Råskog, from Ikea (€ 29.99 each).

Extra storage

At the bottom of the kitchen, under the large window covered with blinds, two auxiliary carts were placed.
In their trays boxes, boats and baskets were arranged, as a pantry, which are hidden when hanging the cloths.Red apron (€ 5.99) and cookie boxes (€ 7.99 / 3), from the Vinter Christmas collection 2016. Cube, Socker (€ 4.99). Everything from Ikea.

Tree on headboard

On the right, the other bedroom, with a tree on the headboard made with light garlands.

Child's bedroom

The original house was intended for children. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a games room and the old kitchen, which is now a practical laundry area.

Desk in the bedroom

In both rooms a 90 cm bed and a desk were included; Christmas decoration now predominates. Textiles and wrapping paper, from the Vinter 2016 collection. Screens for ceiling lamps Sträla
(€ 4.99 each); everything, for sale in Ikea.

A double bathroom to share

Next to the children's bedrooms is the bathroom, completely renovated and tailored to the two brothers: each child has its own sink and a wall cabinet where you can store your things. Washbasin cabinets Silverån, with a door, and wall modules Gunnern (€ 39 each), with mirror, in white and turquoise. Towels, from the collection Vinter 2016 (€ 3.99 each). Everything, acquired in Ikea.

Bedroom with dressing room

By eliminating one of the walls of the new house, two rooms were joined to expand the master bedroom. In addition to the double bed, it now has a cozy dressing table, dressing room and storage space. Laptop table Vittsjö (€ 34.99), mirror Hemnes (€ 59.99) and log curtain fabric Margareta (€ 7.99 / m). Everything from Ikea.

Pieces with solera

In the lobby, in front of a wall, an old trunk of family inheritance that shows all its charm was placed. Already in the living room, a pot stand was used to deposit candles and Christmas decorations

Candle path

The small hallway that connects the bathroom with the master bedroom was lit with a ceiling lamp and, as a support, a row of candles was placed on a support. Shelf Mosslanda, from Ikea (€ 5.99).

Sliding door cabinet

The new dressing room, next to the window, houses a generous wardrobe with sliding doors and a central storage cabinet. The mirror with lights and the dummy give some dressing room atmosphere. Closet Pax, from Ikea.

With shower and bathtub

The original bathroom door was removed to communicate with the bedroom through a new, sliding. Thus space was gained and it was not necessary to give up a bath or shower. The environment was tiled with white Metro type tiles and the floor was covered with hydraulic tile. On the wall of the bath stands an attractive composition of sheets and photos. Decorative candle lantern model Gottgöra (€ 29.99), from Ikea.

Housing plan

Housing plan