A Nordic-inspired family home

A Nordic-inspired family home

If we had to locate this house on a map, we might well be tempted to place it in some corner of the Nordic countries. Its interior design, based on the use of wood in a light tone in coatings and furniture, Y neutral tones, Remember the basics of the design of these countries. However, it is in Real city where this apartment is rehabilitated by its owners, a couple of architects, responsible for adapting its conventional distribution.

The original distribution, compartmentalized and static, evolved to open and spacious rooms, which allow more flexible use since the owners sometimes carry out work meetings at home. The furniture, clean lines and designed by themselves, are versatile and blend with a wood and white environment.

When the family increased, the house was gradually transformed by the presence of children. These made the double circulation a game, the hallway a gallery of makeshift painting and the mobile table, which is integrated into the kitchen bar, an exclusive entrance door to its size.

These structural solutions, which at first might seem inconvenient for a family with children, proved a success. The reform has enhanced the overwhelming personality that this floor shows, where the singular details make the environments more vivid.

Advertising - Keep reading below A perfect combination in the living room

Birch wood and white walls form a perfect tandem that gives way to light. The environments are perceived alive and dynamic thanks to the complements and the presence of design pieces, which raise the interior design in the right dose.

Dining table Il Volo, by Ricardo Blumer, manufactured by Alias ​​Design. Chairs Plastic chair, of the Eames brothers, manufactured by Vitra. Highchair, from Stokke.

The main wall

In the living room, a niche frames the sofa. Here it has been used as a structural resource and emphasizes a large picture - Mon Montoya's work. The base was coated with a birch ribbon. The frame molding, the edges of the opening and the wooden shelf create an optical set of straight lines and volumes.

Sofa, by La Oca. Lamps: wall model Ptolemy, of Artemide and ceiling, in wood, model Coderch, distributed by Vinçon. Carpet and cushions, from Batavia. On the table: ashtrays, from L.A. Studio

A room to share

The hall extends into a corridor that acts as a distributor to the different rooms. Two of the walls were painted in an intense bluish gray color, matching the carpet that covers the floor. In the background, the sheet Vitra Design Museum Collection, with photos of the mythical chairs of this firm. On one side, an original composition of contoured shelves.

View from the kitchen

Simplicity is the criteria that guided the reform, carried out by Sarabia + García del Castillo architects. It flees from the recharged so that the decoration expresses itself, through accessories and designer furniture.

Distribute space

In the reform, substantial structural changes were made, so that the environments could communicate or become independent according to the needs. Large sliding panels, open openings and precise partition walls organize and distribute the space. The platform is from Weitzer Parkett. The partition that separates the living room from the kitchen is covered with slate with protective varnish.

Exquisite details

From the living room, a slate-lined front frames the kitchen, open to the room as another environment to share. The owners' taste - a couple of architects - for the design and functionality can be seen in the details, such as the removable table that is integrated under the countertop. It is perfect for fast foods. The kitchen furniture, series Lack, is from Ikea. The countertop is made of birch plywood, like the table, the work of architects.

Light bath

The luminosity sneaks through a window, dressed in a light curtain whose function is only to sift natural light. Nothing is left or missing in a set in perfect arrangement and balance. Lamps PH 4/3, from the Louis Poulsen firm. Vases, from Batavia.

Pair lamps

In this house the ceiling lamps hang two by two. A perfect solution when the table is elongated or simply as an aesthetic resource.

Personal space

This expression makes more sense than ever in the bedroom, since both the bed and the headboard are designed by the architects, both made in birch. Simplicity reinforces its prominence through straight lines, clean surfaces and accessories and textiles without any artifice. Wall sconces, from Ikea.

Marble and wood in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the shower area is lined with large-format Macael marble pieces, which extend over the flown countertop. In it two sinks are coupled with the built-in faucet in the wall. Faucets: in the shower, Element, from Roca, and in the toilets, Axor One, from Hansgrohe. Towel rack, Roca.

Child's bedroom

In the children's bedroom, the owners have expressed their personal seal to adapt to the needs and routines of two children. The study area, solved with a large desk, was placed under the window. Cot, by Leander.

A bedroom to share

On the opposite side of the study area, the beds, supported by a wooden plinth that protects the wall. Desk and white bed, architects design. Roller blind, Bandalux. Chairs 3103 by Arne Jacobsen, manufactured by Fritz Hansen. Wooden floor lamp with white lampshade, model TMM, by Miguel Milá, in Santa & Cole.

Plan and details of the reform

- We sought to unify the materials. The floor, the doors and even many of the furniture are made of birch wood. Thanks to the pristine white of the walls a waste of clarity and luminosity is achieved. Maximum amplitude!

- Interior design expresses distinction and exclusivity, with original furniture, designed by birch wood architects, and accessories that are design icons, mainly lamps.