Before and after: a sweet and flirty playground

Before and after: a sweet and flirty playground


When your parents are a DJ and a coach of women, and you live in a house with two dogs named Diego and Dodger, it is clear that you are a lucky girl, and probably, you will boast of how cute!

This is the life of this young family with a four-year-old offspring in Los Angeles, who, seeing how fast her little girl was growing, decided to give her an extra room where she could play at ease.

However, before the renovation at the hands of designstiles, the space (although very charming and potential thanks to the views of the trees and natural light) was dull and boring, with matt white walls and a completely random distribution that , added to the absence of decoration, generated a somewhat depressive environment.

designstiles designstiles

The change was spectacular. Keeping the background white, a touch of grace was added by painting the lower strip of the walls in sky blue. In this way, the room also seems more spacious.

But the area that takes the prize is undoubtedly the magic Reading corner which takes advantage of the corner windows. Decorated with a flirty canopy in white, and a base of fluffy cushions, it could not enjoy more charm.

The rest of the room was designed following the philosophy of "less is more", appealing to the senses through the use of soft tones and textures.
On the other hand, the parents wanted this room to be able to move the little one to any part of the world using the imagination and, of course, the decoration.

For this, the interior designer chose a carpet from Marrakech, a painting that represents Kilimanjaro, and toys from different parts of the planet.

designstiles designstiles designstiles

Not the prettiest playground you have ever seen? 😍

Project and information: Courtesy of designstiles.

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